Vintage & Classic

5 Vintage Caravans or Campers you Should Have Bought Five (or 50) years ago

It’s always easy to look back in hindsight at our purchasing decisions. When I was younger and first started buying cars, I owned an array of what could only be described as shitboxes, all of which are now treasured classics, where even the worst ... [Read More]
10 April 2018

When Viki Met Lucy – Two Vintage Viscounts

This is a tale about how two vintage caravan look-a-likes met in the most unlikely of circumstances. Kym Hamilton has been travelling extensively though the eastern states of Australia, but a few months ago ventured westward with the aim to cross ... [Read More]
9 April 2018

Celebrity Camper – Fanny Lumsden

Edwina ‘Fanny’ Lumsden is one of Australia’s up and coming Australian folk musicians. As well as a highly regarded first album, the young country girl from the Snowy Mountains has clocked up nearly 100,000km touring the country over the last ... [Read More]
14 December 2017

Vintage Caravan – 1946 Sundowner

Stephen and Caroline Lloyd are the fourth owners of their beloved 'Sunny', a Sundowner caravan built in 1946. They say travelling in a vintage van is always a conversation starter. So we sat down with them and started a conversation. Where ... [Read More]
1 December 2017

Video – 1969 Chesney Regal restoration Rod West grew up on the Gold Coast at a time when the region was growing rapidly and tourism was becoming a major industry. He was called to national service in 1967 and shipped ... [Read More]
29 November 2017

Ray’s Clipper – Jenolan Caves Crash Story In Full

Back in issue 28, we highlighted the history of Flxible Clipper coaches and the impact they had on road travel through the 50s and 60s, and now as transformed motorhomes. Not long after, we heard from Larraine Hobbs, whose father drove the coaches ... [Read More]
10 October 2017

Club Meet – Vintage Olympic Caravans – Boyds Beach

On the first weekend of Spring the Olympics came to the Tweed Coast Boyds Bay Holiday Park. But there was no sign of Ian Thorpe, for these were Olympians of a different breed. They were the fibreglass loving, retro enthusing, jukebox listening kind, ... [Read More]
14 September 2017

History – Vintage Olympic Caravans

When it comes to vintage caravans, there are few Australian makes as sought after as the fabulous fiberglass Olympic. Advertised as “the Aristicrats of the road”, they’re renowned for their durability and light-weight practical ... [Read More]
17 August 2017

Reno Rescue: Crazy Kombi Collectors

1976 VW Kombi Camper ANDREW BARTON and NICK TERAKES from Nimbin NSW are avid Volkswagen Kombi fans.  They already had a 1964 ute and 1975 Microbus in the garage, but when they heard about a classic 1976 camper coming up for sale, they decided ... [Read More]
3 June 2017

Rare photos from caravan industry pioneer

Phoenix Caravans Founder, Jeff Chrisfield, opens up his vault from the 1950s onward.  Jeff and his father Bill were prominent post-war manufacturers in Melbourne and helped establish Australia's Caravan Industry Association. For the full ... [Read More]
27 May 2017