Demise of Living Edge Caravans highlights benefits of dealer network

Article by · February 26, 2018 ·

Two weeks ago, Melbourne-based caravan manufacturer, Living Edge Caravans, was declared insolvent and entered liquidation. The company, only a few years old, was reportedly started by former employees of Windsor Caravans’ Victorian factory, which was closed down when Fleetwood Corporation streamlined activities and moved Windsor’s manufacturing to Western Australia.  ROAM has been told that Living Edge’s directors weren’t able to agree on certain matters of corporate management, and as a result the company was wound up by its accountants.

Anthony Rolf, owner of Camden Caravans, Living Edge’s New South Wales dealership, says that despite this, all Living Edge Caravans customers still waiting on vans have either been given a full refund on their deposits, or have been able to choose a suitable caravan from the options already available in the dealership.


He told ROAM it highlights the risks of buying a caravan directly from the manufacturer, as dealers offer a level of buyer protection in the event a manufacturer goes out of business. In this case, Camden Caravans, as the holder of all customer deposits, was able to honour purchases, will be able to honour warranties, and continue to offer after-sales support to Living Edge owners who bought caravans at the Sydney-based caravan dealership. Rolf said, “With regard to any warranty items, [customers] should check their paperwork as most items in the caravan are covered by their own individual warranties; these will not have been affected by the closure of the manufacturer. For anything not covered under these warranties the customer should contact the dealer they purchased the caravan from.

As part of the liquidation process, it’s understood a major supplier to Living Edge caravans has purchased the right to use the name, as well as some unfinished caravans from the production line, with the intention of resurrecting the name, but without financial input from any of the company’s former directors.

We’ll continue to update as we find out more.

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    Tony Williams

    Thanks Brenden, great work. I really value the frank & revealing insights into matters concerning campers & caravaners. To often in magazines the articles are fawning attempts to keep advertisers happy.
    I look forward to each issue of Roam.

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    Silvia Coombs

    I’m sorry but with Camden Caravan’s reputation, I find it really hard to believe that they would do any warranty work to these owners of Living Edge vans when they will not be getting any payment from Living Edge to do so.

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    Pauly V

    Just goes to show just because u have money doesn’t mean u can own a business. Living edge was doomed from the beginning. Only people behind the scene knew it wouldnt last.

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