Is 2017 the end of the road for Wicked?

Article by · 9 March 2017 ·

An end appears to be in sight for the notorious backpacker camper vans which have built their business model around being offensive.

For years Wicked Campers have ignored complaints and rulings by the Advertising Standards Board, refusing to remove the slogans deemed vile and misogynistic.

Now both Queensland and Tasmanian Governments say they will introduce laws this year banning vehicles with offensive signage.  The move is expected to take effect nation-wide.

In New Zealand, the worst of the Wicked Campers were taken off the road by the company in 2016 after the country’s Classification Office  threatened fines of $200,000 per offence if vehicles deemed offensive were seen in public places.

Wicked Van sloganIn NSW, tourist hot spots including the Blue Mountains and Byron Bay tried to ban the campers over the past year, but found they were largely powerless to take action.

“Our community was happy to drive them out… We want people to come and respect Byron Bay,” Byron Mayor Simon Richardson says.

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