Industry rejects calls for towing licence

Article by · 8 March 2017 ·

Caravan industry leaders have rejected calls for the introduction of towing licences for caravanners despite a recent spate of towing-related accidents.

Caravanning Queensland CEO Ron Chapman says while caravan accidents grab people’s attention, the actual number of crashes is relatively small.

“It is a subject which gets brought up every so often and creates a bit of temporary hysteria,” he said.

“Car licences don’t necessarily make people better drivers, heavy vehicle licences don’t stop truck crashes, so it is difficult to see how special licencing will have a perceivable benefit on our roads.”

“Having said this we are very supportive of, and active in, road safety initiatives. We are very supportive of safe driving courses for caravanners, through a number of organisations.”

Stuart Lamont, CEO of the Caravan Industry Association of Australia agrees.

“I have not seen any stats which show that there is actually an increase in caravan accidents.

“I am highly supportive of better education for individuals within and looking to get into our industry on the practicalities of towing, similar to defensive driving courses.”

State transport officials say the cost of licences would outweigh any benefit.

“The low fatality rate for crashes involving towing vehicles doesn’t support the introduction of a separate licence or a competency certificate for towing,” a Queensland Transport Department spokesman said.

“Drivers are encouraged to gain experience in towing and manoeuvring before attempting to tow at high speeds, or in confined spaces such as caravan sites.”

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