The missing solar link

Article by · May 28, 2017 ·

Solar systems are becoming increasingly popular, and you don’t have to look far to find plenty of differing advice and opinions on the best system to use.

One of the most important though overlooked, components of a solar system is the solar charge regulator. This device is necessary as solar panels cannot connect directly to a battery.

The regulator acts as the go-between to move the power generated by the panel to the battery for use, and ensures the correct charge is delivered. When the battery is fully charged, the regulator stops the supply of current to avoid over-charging.

Camec carries a range of three regulators using PWM technology – affordable and well suited to RV applications. The 30A regulator is a best seller and features an LCD to display battery voltage and charge current. The new 15A regulator bridges the gap for customers wanting a basic regulator for panels between 120W and 200W.

Camec also carries a full range of solar panels and offers one of the longest warranties in the RV Industry.

Available through Camec Retail Superstores, Camec specialist RV outlets and online at, or phone 1300 422 632

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