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Article by · 2 June 2017 ·

What makes the brand new Ampfibian RV-PLUS different is that it is designed exclusively for travellers.

Like the premium Ampfibian (RV02) MAX, the RV-PLUS adapts 15A to 10A so you can plug your van into any mains power outlet. It also has a Residual Current Device or R.C.D. to protect you from shock and is completely weatherproof.

Out of the box the product looks and feels tough, strong, and up to the job. Although it is more compact than the MAX, it is still surprisingly… generous.

Travellers will appreciate its compact size and the way the lead wraps around the body. The clip holding it in place is a little tight, but does a good job retaining it.

Plugging the caravan lead in is easy as there is plenty of room to get your hand around the plug. The RCBO switch is placed sideways below the lead, which means you have to look more carefully to see if it’s tripped. A big ON-OFF legend makes it unambiguous which way is which, and the power light is a nice addition.

If you already own a MAX, you’re in good hands. If you’ve got a dodgy lead or an adaptor that is not weatherproof, why risk it? Now is the time to trade up to the Australian made RV-PLUS. At that price there is no excuse to risk life and limb with an illegal connector.

The RV-PLUS is listed for $149.00 and will be available from all good caravan accessory retailers from this month.

Ampfibian Pty Ltd is an Australian company headquartered in northern NSW.

Find out more at or call 1800 342-426.


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