The outback town with a name worth fighting for

Article by · June 3, 2017 ·

Photo Credit: Qantas Founders Museum

By Kimberley Nicoll


It’s famous as the birthplace of Qantas and the airline once used the town’s name to brand its 747 fleet.

Now Longreach has become caught up in a trademark dispute in the caravan industry.

Caboolture manufacturer Sunland says they were the first to use Longreach as a trademark.

Owner Roy Wyss Jnr says he’s been in business for 13 years and he’ll challenge any other RV company that tries to use the Longreach brand.

“It just causes confusion in the marketplace when others try and use the same name,” Mr Wyss says.

He says the most recent legal battle to protect the trademark cost him tens of thousands of dollars.

Longreach Mayor Ed Warren says he can understand why companies want to associate their brand with his home town.

“Because of its history, tradition and the beauty of the outback.  It’s a unique place,” he says.


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