Motorhome Reviews

Time to Roam’s unbiased motorhome reviews are carried out by experts in the field who are committed to providing accurate and trustworthy information for those looking for a new campervan, RV, motorhome or expedition vehicle or off-road motorhome. They’re always conducted in real-to-life situations by people who actually camp and motorhome themselves. The list is constantly growing, so check back whenever you can.

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Motorhome Review: Explorer Vision

The 21st century cab-chassis home on wheels Forget everything you’ve ever heard in the past about motorhomes based on 4X4 cab-chassis. Tested: Explorer Vision on Ford Ranger XLT By: iMotorhome Small cab-chassis-based motorhomes first ... [Read More]
5 May 2017

Motorhome Review: Wirraway Eurostyle 260 SL 4X4

Wirraway’s 4X4 takes off-road comfort to the extreme… by iMotorhome Four-wheel drive motorhomes are thin on the ground. There are some good reasons for that; mostly to do with either practicality or cost. Until a few years ago, those ... [Read More]
5 May 2017

Motorhome Review: Avida Esperance

Avida’s Esperance is the biggest Aussie motorhome you can drive without upgrading your licence. TODD MAGUIRE put it through its paces in the Gold Coast hinterland. While debate continues to rage over whether people who tow should get a ... [Read More]
5 May 2017

Review: Winnebago Whitehaven

Ever since the ground-breaking rock’n’roll days of 1958, Winnebago has been the world leader in motorhome design and technology. In June 2014, Apollo Motorhome Holidays, Australia’s largest motorhome rental provider, became the official ... [Read More]
5 May 2017

Campervan Review: 2015 Frontline Hiace

New model embraces everything the weekender or tourer looks for in a vehicle, plus a whole lot more. When Leonardo da Vinci penned, ‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’ 500 years ago, could he have had the foresight to be referring to ... [Read More]
5 May 2017