Video Review – Adria Coral Motorhome

Article by · April 4, 2018 ·

This might be a broad-stroke racial stereotype, but the Europeans just know how to do motorhomes. Or maybe they don’t but the few that trickle into Australia through importers like Adria are just the cream of the crop and so often just make sense. This Adria Coral XL 660 SCS is just one example like that – a fabulous, well priced motorhome that’s as versatile as it is well designed. Click play below to see why we think this is a great motorhome, and where it could be improved, just a little.

Have you got a C-Class motorhome? What is it and how have you found travelling in it? Comment below. 



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    Jenice Currie

    Unfortunately as 3 of us here found out, after we purchased adria twin sp.as it is classed as an import . You do not qualify for fiat road side assist, plus you only get a two year,100,000. Warranty. If I had bought a jayco applause. Because theye built here I get a 5 year, 200,000.k warranty.

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