Windsor Caravans Now Does Motorhomes

Article by · 11 February 2020 ·

In the current issue of ROAM (issue 43 – download the app to read it if you aren’t subscribed), we take a look at the first of the new Windsor Caravans. Only a few months back in production, Windsor has been hot at it, allegedly, as it’s just announced it’ll be launching the first ever Windsor motorhome, the Daintree. It’s based on the Renault Master, which has a six-speed auto and 2.3-litre 110kW/350Nm engine.

This is not a huge surprise, give Windsor’s parent company is Apollo, which builds Winnebago and Talvor motorhomes, and runs a huge fleet of them around Australia on hire. It does expand the Apollo motorhome offering, though, with a smaller, and likely cheaper entry into the coach-built market, with what looks to be a simple, but comfortable camper for two.

In a statement, Windsor has said, “The Windsor Daintree is for the travellers of today; offering a spacious dual-purpose layout with a fully appointed kitchen including quality brand appliances, a leatherette dinette and a full bathroom at the rear with separate shower and toilet.”

“Conveniently compact without compromising on comfort & storage, the first Windsor motorhome oozes modern luxury with a competitive market price of $103,990. Externally, the Daintree is visually impressive with striking Windsor decals and sleek black aluminium extrusion against fresh white composite panels of one-piece floor, walls & roof. Motorhome customers will get excited about a professionally designed, colour palette & style, with the option to add personal touches from an attractive selection of modern interior & exterior features.”

“Windsor will continue to offer superior weight, insulation & durability properties across their entire product range, a desirable inclusion the Apollo build delivers to customers. Apollo proudly uses industry leading technology and techniques in all manufacturing. The Brisbane factory is federally certified for design, engineering and manufacturing, upholding the highest quality standards.”

The motorhome will be 6580mm long, weigh 3985kg and have 715kg payload capacity. It sleeps two with a bed that drops down from the roof, behind the driver and passenger seats, plus features a full-width ensuite at the back. Until we get in one for a full motorhome review, find out more at windsormotorhomes.com.au


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