Motorhome Review – Avida Birdsville

Article by · 8 August 2018 ·

The gold-standard in caravans, at the moment, seems to be something with a massive ensuite at the rear, but when it comes to motorhomes, that’s not quite so easy – because where then do you put the bed. You can’t easily put it at the front, because there’s a steering wheel in the way (and luton beds aren’t that easy to get into every night if you don’t have to).

However, that’s the premise of the Avida Birdsville – a motorhome with a full-width rear ensuite that’s every bit as big and comfortable as it can be. So how do you deal with the bed? We took a closer look at the latest Avida Birdvsille, to see how the company’s dealt with the issue, and also taken the time to check out some of the updates.


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    Kylie Sweeney de Havilland

    Hi there, I’m looking to buy a used motor home, I’m a female artist who will be traveling by my self most of the time, so safety is important and my husband is 6.6 inches tall so roof height and bed length drivers seat leg length and bathroom facilities space width is also important for comfort . I prefer big windows all round and a permant bed. With the lounge area at the frount for passenger space as well. Can you recommend a brand , yr model etc for me to look for . This will be our first motor home, I’m hoping to get it right so we can enjoy the time we do have together and to keep the MH for many years to come.
    Thanks in kind Kylie

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      Hi Kylie
      I am also looking for our first motor home. I am curious as to what you settled for any why ?

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    i am also female,have my eye on a 2002 23ft winnebago $70,000. 66,000klms. auto/manual, diesel, free camping. my first motorhome. enquiring about insurance, rego, contents. which company would you recommend????
    thanks in advance

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      Hi Trish there’s only one company for insurance and that’s CIL.
      Also become CMCA member for cheaper everything as well and ?? RACV for preferential campsite access. Good luck

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    Peter phillips

    Don’t get avida
    Nothing but disappointment

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