Why did the chicken cross the caravan park?

Article by · May 16, 2017 ·

A caravan park in Victoria has been plagued by 300 chickens a day from a neighbouring farm.

For two weeks the animals have been running feral at Big4 Hopkins River Holiday Park, inundating the site with their mess and eggs.

Chickens crossing the road at Big4 Hopkins River Holiday Park

“We have up to 500 people here at a time,” Manager Catherine Hein says. “We’re just lucky that it isn’t peak season.”

Mrs Hein reports the biggest problem for her is the mess the chickens are making in the garden beds and the nesting under cabins.

The park now have so many free-range eggs that she can’t give them away to guests quick enough.

“It was humourous at first but now the funny side has worn off.”

Visitors have taken the influx of chickens very well with a sense of compassion and understanding.

Especially with farmer and fowl owner Swampy Marsh prolonging the retrieval of his unwanted guests.

“We don’t want our own residents distressed so something has to be done now,” Mrs Hein states.

Swampy Marsh has supposedly promised the chickens to be moved away within a week.

There will also be an erection of fences to prevent future occurrences.


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