Camden Caravan Leaves Camden After 45 Years

Article by · September 14, 2017 ·


One of Sydney’s longest serving caravan dealerships, Camden Caravan, has moved out of it’s Camden site to one more centrally located in Campbelltown. Dealer principle Anthony Rolf told ROAM. “We just found that the money that we needed to redevelop the existing site, to bring it up to today’s standards outweighed the benefit”.

Now on a slightly smaller property, but still displaying the same amount of caravans, Rolf says the new site has better workshop facilities and it is closer to a bigger population centre. “We had a lot of traffic coming past the old site, but it was the same people every day. Now we’re in the middle of an industrial area, where we’ve got a Hervey Norman down the road and we’re right near a group of car dealerships.”

Camden Caravan is a dealer for Millard Caravans, manufactured in Sydney, and Living Edge Caravans, built in Victoria. The dealership’s new address is 1 Frost Road, Campbelltown, NSW.


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