Car and Caravan Weight Calculator

Article by · October 11, 2019 ·

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    Greg Kingdom

    A big help. But does a weight distribution hitch change these figures and can I keep this as an app?

    • mm

      Brendan Batty

      Hi Greg, thanks for the question. No, a weight distribution hitch doesn’t affect these numbers – all a WDH does is transfer weight from the rear axle of the tow vehicle to the front axle ‘distributing’ the weight more evenly across the vehicle. Check out a video here describing the process – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3-PyN0EY3Ww

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    i am under weight every ware but my caravan is over weight by 300 kg i dont understand

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    I am under weight everywhere but my GVM is over weight by 300 kg. I dont understand, like Carl.

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    Gary Althorpe

    Hi Brendan, I am confused by your details included in the latest RAC magazine re vehicle weights. Page 30 refers to a Toyota Fortuna and the relevant GCM and GVM values.
    I don’t think your maths are correct, and would appreciate your comments.
    Gary Althorpe

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    Jos Willemsen

    Hi I am confused also as I am under weight on all sides but over on the Gvm!
    I changed the figures around cause I am confused by the tare and kerb weight as the caravan has a tare and agg weight and as I understand the tare is the caravan and the agg is the loaded caravan?

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    Hi does anyone know how the towball weights work at with the caravan does as ive got a ball weight off 138 kg and my caravan weighing at 900kgs empty am i under the limit of towing weight ??? And i also have a 94 pajero 3ltr v6 that does tow it well tho as tows upto 2500kgs at the ball can anyone tell me if im fine for towing an 16ft poptop caravan tho????

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    hi dont understand the weights in the calculation as they came back as – does this mean im ok to tow the van with is says
    -440kg too heavy
    gcm -592kg
    gvm -598kg
    caravan overweight -438kg

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    Our vehicle worked out safe on all accounts, but, the compliance plate on van axle group load capacity is lower than the GTM.
    Why would a manufacturer of a new van quote an axle load less than the GTM.

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