Uniden UH8020S: Small but mighty

If you’re about to hit the road, it’s worthwhile considering adding a UHF CB radio to your tow vehicle. It allows you to chat with truckies about hazards ahead, listen to roadwork crews during delays and also radio for help in an emergency.

Now you could choose a hand held radio with limited range, install a permanent dash radio and antenna for long range, or simply get the best of both worlds with Uniden’s clever windscreen mount radio – the UH8020S.

Though small in size, the UH8020S CB radio outputs 5W for over 18km range using the supplied magnetic antenna.  The multi-colour LCD panel gives this unit personality and allows for some fun customisation with the backlight options. Best of all, it’s easy to set up and transfer between vehicles.

The UH8020S includes Master Scan™ technology, as well as Dynamic Switching, which allow users to maintain constant communication by continually scanning and changing to unused channels.

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