Camec Premium Plus RV Covers

When the time comes to tuck the van away after your holiday, make sure it’s protected and clean for the next trip is a must with Camec Premium Plus RV Covers.

They’re designed and manufactured to shield your van from exposure to just about anything, including extreme weather conditions, acid rain, industrial pollutants, tree sap, bird droppings and dust.

Camec Premium Plus RV Covers are lightweight and easy to fit. The caravan version features a zippered side panel for easy access to doors. This feature can also double as a convenient sun awning by using the bonus eyelets as a fixing point.

They’re manufactured using a composite of three materials – a 100% waterproof, UV stabilised roof section for maximum protection and weather resistant breathable side panels which guard against rot and mildew by allowing the cover to breathe and moisture to evaporate. At the base there’s a heavy duty reinforced skirt with elasticised hem front and rear for a snug fit.

Two dual clip nylon straps attach to both the front and rear of the reinforced skirt to ensure the cover is securely fastened for all weather conditions and the soft, non-abrasive lining cushions against the vehicle’s exterior.

Camec’s Premium Plus RV Covers are available for caravans, campers and pop tops in a range of sizes.

From $149

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