Tasmanian free camp shut down by council

Article by · 27 February 2018 ·

The Meander Valley Council in Tasmania’s north, has shut down a popular free campsite in the town of Westbury, which is on the route between Devonport and Launceston. Westbury is a small town which doesn’t have a caravan park (the closest is in Deloraine, 20km west). In a statement on social media, the council has said –

Unfortunately we are closing the Westbury Recreation Ground to camping and overnight stays.
In recent days a number of parties have reminded us that we have planning regulations and national competition policy principles that we need to abide by. As a result we need to stop camping and overnight stays until we resolve these matters.
Visitors to Meander Valley are valued and we encourage you to check out some of our wonderful caravan parks so you can continue to enjoy the unique experience we offer.
You can find information about accommodation in Meander Valley at the Great Western Tiers Visitor Centre website – http://www.greatwesterntiers.net.au/contact

ROAM contacted the council for comment, but as yet hasn’t received a response.

Social media response to the council’s statement has been scathing and many have criticised the council for the move. Fortunately for campers passing through, the town’s local bakery has opened up its property to free campers, and has space for 30 caravans.


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    Their loss. I do both Free camp and caravan parks. I also make it a rule I don’t stop towns (or caravan parks) that don’t support free camps. I just move on. Its not always about the caravan parks

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    Peter Taylor

    Free camping is part of the Australian spirit. After all,the swaggies free camped in their travels.
    It’s unfortunate that some narrow minded Council people are more concerned with petty rules & regulations rather than what visitors can bring to their communities.
    Good on the locals who circumvented Council’s stupidity by offering private land to rest at.

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    Gloria tipper

    Very disappointing We bring a lot of money to the towns. The cost for us to come here and return is nearly $2,000. People cannot effort caravan parks. Every night. And I find there’s no room anyway. And nothing to offer when your self contained they are way to costly. You will ruin tassy because of this. People rely on the nomads. But the council always Wrecks. Everything like always We won’t be back.

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