Issue 45 of Time to Roam magazine pushed back one month!

Article by · 1 June 2020 ·

The Covid-1Subscribe roam magazine9 travel restrictions have unfortunately defeated our publishing schedule, and we have had to push back the next issue of Roam magazine by one month. Apologies to all our readers who were hoping to get stuck into the next issue in a few days time. 

With all Caravan Parks, Camping Grounds and National Parks closed for the last two months, the ability to travel around Australia, take new caravans out for a review, and generally perform all the other tasks required to put together a travel magazine were pretty much taken away from us

Amidst all the mayhem however, we consider ourselves here at ‘Roam’ magazine very lucky! While we continued to work where we could, we have watched many within the caravan and camping industry suffer reduced trading,  temporary closures, having to let go of staff members, and in some cases having to close the doors of the businesses for good as the costs to continue were just too high.

So as things start to open up again, if you can, put a weekend or two aside over the next couple of months and book yourselves into a local caravan park or campground and spend a few dollars in a country town. If you are lucky enough to have not been affected with your job and you were looking at a new caravan or camper, now is the time to visit your local dealer and place an order. And if you are coming to the end of your favourite caravan magazine subscription, there isn’t a better time to invest $49 on a new 12-month subscription!

We hope you are all coping well during the crisis and are working towards your next big trip!

The ‘Time to Roam’ team.


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    Rodney Gabriel

    Thank You for letting us know re delay of roam magazine, missing the Great reading. All the Best and keep safe.
    Kind Regards Rodney Gabriel. 🤗👍🚗

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    Love the magazine love to see more small vans, campervans/trailers reviewed. Always waiting expectantly for the next issue.

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    David Long

    Thank-you for letting me know about the delay of the next issue. I am using the down time on using my 1984 Prattline to do some much needed maintenance so I can head of north when we can. Prattie’s loving the referb and I will send some photos soon.

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    Warwick McIntosh

    Thanks for the update, I’m sure the extra wait will still be worth it and I’ll also get a 12 month subscription done as well.
    On The Road put their mag on hold several months ago so with only online articles it is not quite the same as the printed word on paper. Yours is a great mag, every issue goes with us on our travels.

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