4 Amazing Australian Activities To Try

Flying out to the land down under, complete with kangaroos, koalas, wallabies, and coral reefs (and, let’s face it, dangerous spiders)? You’re probably already stacking up ideas of all the amazing things you want to see and do but let us add to your list the three things we would most recommend doing when you hit this sunny, amazing country!

Purnululu National Park: A Perfect Place To Pause

Never heard of Purnululu? You’re missing out - this is an incredible place to visit in Australia, and it’s more than worth the time, especially if you check out the Bungle Bungle Range. These rock formations look like they are moving, thanks to their carved horizontal stripes! And if you love UNESCO World Heritage Sites, this is a wonderful one to tick off your list; you can see it from the ground or from the air, depending on your preferences, and  the rock formations are enough to put stars in your eyes.

With breathtaking gorges and ancient creeks for you to meander along, this park offers all a hiker could want, and you can even camp if you choose to; there are two campgrounds within the park itself. Want to watch the sun come up all golden and lovely above the rocks? No problem; just don’t forget the coffee. It doesn’t get much better than this!

Take A Train Ride To Remember

Ferroequinologist alert? If you’re a train-lover, we don’t think there’s any activity that will beat a train ride across Australia, and this is one of the best ways to see as much of the country as possible. You’ll plunge into tropical greenery, glide through the red desert in style and comfort, and sweep through the mountainous regions, all without leaving your seat.

Australia’s landscape is breathtakingly diverse and there are few ways to see it all, especially in a short period - but this is one of them! Not a train enthusiast? Don’t worry; a ride across the Australian landscape will sway you forever, with the ratta-tat-tat of the rails filling every moment as you gaze out at the land, seeing everything in the ultimate style and comfort. You might even spot some of the incredible wildlife if you’re lucky. And if you get bored… well, you’ve always got the casino on your phone if you need a change of pace and something to occupy your hands for a while (although honestly, the scenery is probably going to keep you busy for a good few hours at least)!


Casino Captivation: Try Your Luck

Australia’s famous for many different things, and yes, casinos are definitely one of them; many people feel a trip to this place wouldn’t be complete without trying their luck on the slots or testing their poker mettle against a “g’day mate” dealer - and if that’s you, we’d totally recommend trying the Australian casinos to see how they compare. They don’t necessarily have all the luxury of some US casinos, but they more than make up for it in character and game choices, so stick them on your list of things to do as soon as you touch down!

If you’ve always wanted to visit the land down under but you’re not quite able to stump up the flight fees or the money for the accommodation, don’t stress - because with the wonders of the digital world, you can bring a top Australian online casino right into your home, and play your heart out. Digital casinos have tons of advantages over physical ones too, with a major benefit being that you can play throughout the night - in your pajamas if you want to - and watch the sun rise, hopefully with some big wins in your back pocket (or digital wallet). No dress code, your favorite snacks and drinks at hand, and all the comfort of your couch instead; what more could you want?

However, if you’re already packing for the trip and throwing excited glances at your ticket… let’s plunge into our other ideas about what else you might want to do while you’re out there!


Tangle With A Tasmanian Devil

Okay, we really don’t mean a literal tangle (Tasmanian devils are endangered and we super wouldn’t recommend it, especially since they’re the biggest marsupial carnivore in existence!). However, with a trip to Cradle Mountain National Park in the island state of Tasmania, you do get a chance to see one of these extraordinary creatures in real life, and just the thought makes our hearts beat faster. Plus, there are wombats out there too, which is another huge plus.

Yes, it does mean a journey, but Cradle Mountain National Park is so worth the visit, and if you go out with a professional tour company, you’ve got a good chance of seeing a whole range of wildlife (as well as the devils and the wombats), including eastern quolls. Sign us up, please!



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