Thuraya SatSleeve+ Review

Article by · April 17, 2018 ·

Recently we had Mal Leyland review the Thuraya SatSleeve+, a handy add-on to any smart phone that turns it into a satellite phone when reception runs out. Any phone with an Apple or Android operating systems can be turned into a satphone capable of voice calls, SMS, email and app access, even when you’re completely out of mobile phone or data range. With it comes a standard 10-digit mobile phone number that doesn’t cost people extra to call you, and it features an SOS button which works even if the sleeve isn;t connected to a phone.

Here’s what Mal thought of the device.

“Travelling around Australia is a great adventure but often people who are contemplating such a journey become concerned about keeping in touch with family at home.  Mobile phones are of course the obvious answer, but despite the TV advertising promises, they simply do not work in remote regions.

Aware of this, Laraine and I recently thought a satellite phone would be good to use on our three-month jaunt around the country. We were travelling in our motorhome and expected to get to some out of the way places. We took up the offer to borrow a Thuraya SatSleeve from Pivotel. This little gadget is a cradle that holds a standard mobile phone and suddenly it can be used anywhere. (Except in a cave or under a heavy canopy of thick bush).

In the beginning, we were unable to get it to work because we didn’t know which APP to download onto our mobile phone. Eventually we were in Broome where we asked a young tech guru for help and bingo, it worked.

Luckily, we never needed it for an emergency but we did phone our daughter in Tasmania to let her know where we were a couple of times. Having such a device gives a great sense of security and allowed us to explore a few tracks we might otherwise have not.

In reality, so many people travel our great country these days that if a breakdown occurs the chances are that a traveller will be along in no time. But in the case of an emergency, help can be contacted immediately”

Monthly plans start from $15 and the device itself is $899. Find out more at


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