Viscount Caravans

Why We Use Camplify And You Should Too

I first heard about the sharing economy at the NRMA, who I was employed by at the time. It had just introduced some sort of employee initiative giving us access to a sharing hub from which we could hire or borrow tools from other people in the ... [Read More]
29 October 2019

Reno Rescue – 1977 Viscount Supreme

“Struth, I didn’t plan on this many problems!” said Brent, early on in his ambitious renovation of a 1977 Viscount, ‘Vincent’ he bought sight unseen on Christmas Day in 2014. The van had been largely neglected in the years leading up to ... [Read More]
30 July 2019

Caravan Review – Viscount V2

If you knew next-to-nothing about caravans, there’s a good chance the ‘next-to’ would be the name Viscount. At one time it was a powerhouse in Australian manufacturing, producing seven out of every 10 caravans on the market. It even owned the ... [Read More]
16 March 2019

Will Viscount Caravans be resurrected?

We don't want to sound too much like a tabloid, but anonymous sources close to ROAM (we have always wanted to use that phrase, though), have revealed that the Viscount name is to be resurrected and new caravans will once again appear on the road ... [Read More]
1 August 2018

Full Size Lego Caravan Will Blow Your Mind

Lego is timeless and so are caravans, so it makes sense that the two should come together. Celebrating its 50th anniversary, the Queensland Caravan Camping & Touring Supershow organisers got together with professional Lego builder, Ben Craig, ... [Read More]
7 June 2018

When Viki Met Lucy – Two Vintage Viscounts

This is a tale about how two vintage caravan look-a-likes met in the most unlikely of circumstances. Kym Hamilton has been travelling extensively though the eastern states of Australia, but a few months ago ventured westward with the aim to cross ... [Read More]
9 April 2018

What really happened to Viscount?

In the 1970s when Aussies sang of their love for football, meat pies, kangaroos and Holdens, odds were that close behind the car was a Viscount caravan. Join us as we dive into the history of this caravanning icon.  Viscount brought mass produc... [Read More]
27 May 2017

Reno Rescue: Viscount Ambassador

It was an “easy fix” that turned out to be more difficult that initially thought, but with perseverance and a little elbow grease, Lisa Blanco managed to give her classic Viscount Ambassador a new lease on life. Here’s how she achieved ... [Read More]
6 May 2017

Reno Rescue: 1976 Viscount Supreme

Paul Jogever shares his experience bringing a 1976 Viscount Supreme back to life, and advice for others thinking of tackling their own renovation rescue. Where did you find your van and how did you come to buy it? I owned a mid 1970s 15-foot ... [Read More]
6 May 2017

Restoring a classic Viscount

The idea for time to Roam came from the two-year restoration of a classic Viscount that had been in the editor’s family since 1969. Back in 1974 when I was just four, my Dad’s work with the RAAF took us on a four year adventure from our home ... [Read More]
6 May 2017