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The tale of two Jayco Silverlines

“We liked the product so much we bought it twice”

How Australia’s top selling luxury caravan has been made even better.  

By Cathy Wagner

What, another new van?  This was the catchcry of our friends as we drove into our driveway late last year towing a new Jayco Silverline.  It seemed like only yesterday we’d invested in our first Jayco Heritage then updated to our first new Silverline soon after the model came out.  Then here we were driving in with an updated version.

Why did we do it?

Jayco is certainly a success story.  As their website tell you, the company was founded by a man of vision and I believe the new Silverline heralds this vision.  With stylish, sleek and yet conservative interior as well as a strong and striking exterior, they’ve certainly ensured that everyone in the family is happy.

Our story is not unlike others we’ve met on the grey nomad highway.  If you travel the roads long enough you’ll see most of the vans out there now are some version of Jaycos and ours is no different.  You either love them or you don’t and while we have copped ridicule from some who’ve obviously never owned one, what we like about Jayco is they seem to think about everything in their planning.

Our very first was an older version of the very popular Heritage model which proved to be well suited our new needs.  The kids had flown the nest and we were ready to have some alone time away.  The ensuite was a great blessing and the comfort of the Heritage was quite lovely.  A spacious front kitchen allowed plenty of storage for long journeys too.  And then my husband Rob retired and our needs changed again.

Just have a look

On our usual winter journey north to see relatives, we often call in at Coffs Habour to just have a look at the latest vans.  Browsing the new vans you can pick up some tips and modify your own van to update it and make it better and many people do.  However this time, the patient salesman, Craig gave us time to look while he showed us what the new Silverline had to offer.

That was it. Rob was hooked.  And so a few months later we picked up our beautiful new van.  Watson’s Jayco at Coffs have a wonderful service department headed up by Damien so we had any little warranty issues ironed out by the time we headed back down the coast a week later.  I thought that was it.  Rob was happy with his new toy and well, I was certainly enjoying our luxurious penthouse suite as we affectionately called it.

Twelve months later as we headed north, we called in to Coffs again.  Craig greeted us and showed us what Jayco had done with the latest Silverline.

What impressed us was how much they’d improved even in just twelve months.  All the little things that annoyed us in our first Silverline had been changed.  It seemed that Jayco really does listen to customer feedback.  It wasn’t long before we were driving off in the newer 2015 model.

So why did we do it?

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