Essential spares for a 4WD trip

Hitting the open road, where there’s nothing but endless horizon stretching before you, is magic. But before you go piling the family into the 4WD, have you thought of all the necessary back-up gear you’ll need for the trip? What if something goes wrong?

Nigel Smith, featured in Issue 14 of Time to Roam, has compiled a brief list of essential gear you should take if you’re planning a day trip off the beaten track. The list includes some essentials that are subject to wear and tear, and are readily changed with the right tools.

Some of the essentials spares would be:

1.   A well stocked tool box which includes all necessary tools to change the below
2.  A second spare wheel and tyre
3.  A full set of hoses and clamps
4.  A full set of engine drive belts
5.  An oil filter and fuel filter
6.  A range of spare fuses
7.  Air compressor and tyre pressure gauge
8.  A car jack, baseplate and wheel brace
9.  Tyre repair kit – knowing how to take a tyre off the rim, fix it and reseat it is advisable
10.  Heavy-duty jump leads
11.  A shovel

Note: This list doesn’t include recovery, communications and navigation gear.

Getting off the beaten track is something everyone should do now and then. Before heading out on an off grid road trip, it pays to do a training course to ensure you know the idiosyncrasies and basics of how to change fix faults on your vehicle. It’s also a good idea to join a club and do a few tag-along tours if you’re new to four wheel driving, as this will help you build your skills and confidence on the road.