Redvision Goes Aftermarket

Media Release: Advanced Australian manufacturer, REDARC Electronics is excited to unveil the next release of their award-winning Total Vehicle Management System; RedVision, which is now available to the aftermarket through their distribution ... [Read More]
2 April 2019

Redarc BCDC1250D DC to DC Charger Review

As the power needs of our four-wheel drives and caravans are increasing, so are the demands we are placing on our battery charging systems. Bigger batteries or larger battery banks need to be charged as fast and efficiently as ever, which is why ... [Read More]
22 November 2018

Review – Redarc Tow Pro Elite

Electric brake controllers have come a long way since electric brakes were first introduced in the 1970s by the company that is now AL-KO. From the large and bulky boxes that sent a predefined amount of electricity to the brakes, no matter how much ... [Read More]
8 August 2018

Camping Gear Wins Big At Good Design Awards

A select group of Australia's best camping and caravanning accessory manufacturers have all been given a nod in the prestigious Good Design Awards at a ceremony in the Sydney Opera House on Thursday May 17. Amongst the winners was South Australian ... [Read More]
18 May 2018

Redarc’s New Technology’s A Winner

South Australian electronics manufacturer, REDARC Electronics has been awarded a Good Design Award by Good Design Australia for its brand new RedVision, a total vehicle management system. Over 530 products were entered for recognition, but of them ... [Read More]
18 May 2018

Solar keeps getting better

One of the most exciting advances for campers in terms of new technology has been the constant improvement in solar panels. Solar blankets are getting more lightweight and generating more power for day-to-day camping needs. A lot of the developm... [Read More]
2 June 2017

REDARC Solar Blanket

A new generation, state-of-the-art solar blanket range has been launched by Australian technology leader REDARC, making it even easier to charge 12 volt batteries from the sun. The range includes three black Solar Blankets SunPower® cells in ... [Read More]
2 June 2017

REDARC Pure Sine Wave Inverters

REDARC is proud to introduce a new range of Pure Sine Wave Inverters that make it possible to plug in anywhere in Australia and still get the type of 240V power you get at home. Sophisticated appliances such as computers and power tools may only ... [Read More]
2 June 2017