Supreme’s mid-sized off roader is solid and dependable with plenty of standard inclusions.

Tested: Supreme Caravans Territory 18’

Review by: Seb Stephens

Supreme Caravans have been around for just over 20 years and for most of that time the Territory has been a mainstay of the company’s model line-up.

The Territory has a solid reputation and has evolved over time to continually deliver the latest features and luxuries customers have come to expect.


There are more than 40 different layouts in the 2015 Territory line-up, ranging in size from 14’6” up to spacious 24” model. The 18’ van we tested comes in at the halfway mark of the range. A single axle caravan with a tare weight of just under 2200kgs, it’s a good size van with a spacious rear ensuite.

An extended A-frame makes it remarkably easy to tow and handle. The extra space up front also allows for a large boot, a stone guard and a generator box.

In case you’re wondering, all these features and more are standard in the final price.

With any caravan purporting to be an off roader, it’s what’s underneath that really counts and Supreme invests heavily in developing and locally building its own solid 6” steel fully galvanised chassis. It’s worth sticking your head under the caravan to look at the trouble they’ve gone to ensure there’s full protection from flying rocks or anything you’re likely to encounter when you venture off the bitumen. Even the water tanks (of which there are three) have steel-plate shields.


Other external features include a TV box with slide-out arm, two speakers, a fold out table, a 120-watt solar panel, and an external shower. There are two jerry can holders on the rear bumper, which is mounted to the van on four arms and can carry up to 120kgs – great if you want to hitch on a couple of bikes.

There’s a lot to impress with the Territory, even before you go inside. The interior doesn’t disappoint either. The standout features include a 186-litre three-way Dometic fridge that can automatically switch to an alternate power source. If someone trips on your power cord in a caravan park, it goes back to gas all by itself and nothing is spoiled.

The kitchen is well appointed with microwave, stove with grill and oven, three gas and one electric hotplate. The sink has a quality mixer tap and the cabinetry is very well put together, including fully laminate-lined drawers.


The ensuite is a good size with lots of cupboards and a 700 x 800mm shower cubicle, which is standard on all Supreme vans and a decent size even a bigger bloke.

We also liked the LED water gauges showing levels in all three tanks. The easy-to-use NCE stereo system and a handy power point and USB point cleverly concealed under the fold-down dinette. Air-con is standard.

The bed is a “caravan queen” measuring 1800x1500mm that can be pulled out and extended to 1950mm in length. Gas struts lift the base to reveal more good storage underneath.

Really the only extras you might need to consider would be a mini washer if you were doing some serious off roading, and a television. Supreme doesn’t include the TV because buyers usually like to choose a size that fits their needs.


It sounds clichéd to say the Territory is a caravan that’s withstood the test of time, but when you think about it, for a company to stick with a model for so long it really does say a lot.

This is a well-built and dependable off roader with plenty of standard features making it comfortable and easy to enjoy both inside and out. We had to look long and hard to actually find anything to dislike about this van.

Best of all we like the fact that with Supreme, what you see is pretty much what you get, so there are no nasty surprises or any of that tiresome last minute haggling.

Price $67,500 (ex Melbourne)

Link: Read the full review and specs in Issue 15 of Time to Roam.