Vincent The Viscount

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Vincent is a 1977 Viscount Supreme. He’s been fully restored, with over 1000 man-hours dedicated to the project. And, believe it or not, he could be yours Just take our a subscription to ROAM magazine and you’ll be entered into the draw to win Vincent plus the money he earns from a year listed on the peer-to-peer hire site, Camplify. If an old caravanisn’t your cup of tea, you could choose to win $15,000 off a brand new Viscount caravan. Check out the articles below for the latest details of the competition. To subscribe and enter, click here.

AU18+ only. Ends 30/6/20 11:59pm AEST. T&Cs apply

Reno Rescue – 1977 Viscount Supreme

“Struth, I didn’t plan on this many problems!” said Brent, early on in his ambitious renovation of a 1977 Viscount, ‘Vincent’ he bought sight unseen on Christmas Day in 2014. The van had been largely neglected in the years leading up to ... [Read More]
30 July 2019