RV production on the rise

Recreational vehicle production in Australia continues to experience rapid growth, with recently released production statistics for April 2015 showing a 3.2 per cent increase on the same period last year.

This represents the fourth consecutive monthly production increase in RV production this year. Year-to-date production is also 10.3 per cent higher compared to 2014’s figures.

“These new figures for 2015 are on the back of yearly production in 2014 that was the second-highest in two decades,” said Caravan Industry Association of Australia CEO Stuart Lamont.

Caravan Industry Association of Australia research shows the largest domestic user group in the sector is 30-54 year olds, making up 50 per cent of the market (followed by 55-70 year olds who make up 25 per cent.)

“Over 70 per cent of RVs bought in Australia are made here,” said Lamont. “As increasing numbers of Australians hit the roads around Australia in search of that great Aussie holiday, local RV production will increase to supply demand. This is great news both for Australian manufacturing, and for the industry.”

“We love knowing that caravanning and camping provides a very special experience to Australian families of all shapes and sizes, and is continuing to reach more and more Australians every season.”