My Lap of Oz – Cape York’s secret shortcut


Whether you’re a keen fisherman or just an adventurer, we all want to see as much of this great country as we can.  The top of Australia is on many peoples’ lists of must see locations.

When first looking at maps and planning the trip, it seems there’s so much distance between road houses, top fishing spots, towns and bush camping sites, it can almost seems impossible to cover the ground within your allocated time and budget.

On our recent trip to Cape York, we reached the top end of the country and started thinking, “where to next?”

After assessing our options and heading on line for a Google we decided to push ahead.  Then as we arrived at the Musgrave Roadhouse we were greeted by the owner who informed us there was an easy road through to Karumba and it could save us over a thousand kilometres.


Where’s the shortcut?

About 23km south of the Musgrave Roadhouse there’s a turn on your right, the signpost pointing to Artemis.   Head right here and you’re on your way.

Moving onwards you head along some very well signposted roads and eventually you pop out at the turn off to Karumba.  Taking this shortcut will save you hundreds of dollars in fuel costs and days of time.   We literally passed only two cars on the whole trip and travelled through some of the most beautiful cattle stations we’d seen on our trip to date.

So if you’re up for a bit of the road less travelled, want to shake the crowds and get some extra fishing under your belt, this is a great detour to take.


We look forward to catching up with Emma as the family continues their Lap of Oz.  Share your story: [email protected]


For the full detail of the shortcut, see Issue 24 of ROAM