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Mach 1 Caravan & RV

It’s one of the most vital things you need to do before setting off on a long trip, but it often tends to slip our minds until the very last minute. What is it? Servicing.

Before setting off on a journey, it pays to take the time to get your caravan or RV properly serviced. It’s better to find out there could be an issue when you’re in the middle of suburbia and not on a deserted road in the middle of the outback.

Seek out a qualified service and repair centre such as Mach 1 Caravan & RV Solutions in Caboolture to ensure your vehicle is in top condition. Mach 1’s ‘Check and Inspect’ service gives you a full report on items due for maintenance.

Mach1 Caravan & RV Solutions carry out all types of repairs to caravans and motorhomes, from body and chassis repairs to plumbing and electrical systems.

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