Concept caravans we’d love to use

Every year we see radical design concepts that aim to reinvent the way we caravan and camp, but sadly many never go intro production.

Where these designs still succeed though is in challenging the way we think of traditional caravans and motorhomes.

Take a look at some of the radical concept caravans that could have been:


If may look better suited to roving the surface of Mars than parked at a local caravan park, but this space age campervan could very well be a sign of things to come. Designed by NAU, a collective of European designers, the Ecco is a fully electric vehicle that transforms from a car into a fully functioning living space. Built-in photovoltaic cells in the roof allow the vehicle to charge directly from the sun.


Odorico Pordenone

From side-on the Odorico Pordenone doesn’t look that crazy, but its genius soon becomes apparent when you view it from above. Designed by Jakub Novak, a Czech student from Brno University of Technology, the futuristic trailer expands at the rear to create a living room, kitchen, and bedroom with king size bed. The Odorico Pordenone is just a concept, but it would be great if it became a reality.






German designer Christian Susana has created a clever modular campervan with a separate cockpit car that can be detached and driven without the living section. Called the Colim – an acronym meaning ‘colours of life in motion’ – we think the designer must have been a big LEGO fan when they were younger. Though it’s not without some practical limitations, it would be quite fun to drive.


nHome Caravan Trailer

The brain child of Polish designers Michal Kozlowski and Luasz Pasckowski, the nHome Caravan Trailer was designed to appeal to a younger audience. Though it may be small, the nHome doesn’t skimp on features with a fold away dining table, dining benches that transform into a bed, a small kitchen, and even a wet room.



What features would you like to see in modern caravans?