Ad board deems ‘bloody caravanners’ inoffensive

The Advertising Standards Board has dismissed claims a recent Holden commercial featuring the term “bloody caravanners” is offensive.

The 30-second Holden Colorado 7 television advertisement, which featured a young boy mimicking his father and using the phrase “bloody caravanners” as the duo overtook a caravan, despite towing one themselves, received 161 complaints from viewers. This made it the most complained about ad of the year so far.

Complainants were primarily concerned about the child swearing, however the Board found that ‘bloody’ was a commonly accepted colloquial term, which was not said aggressively and therefore dismissed the complaints.

The Holden commercial inspired mixed reactions on social media following its release in early March, with some viewers more concerned about the overtaking manoeuvre featured in the ad than the language used.

See the offending commercial below: