Ever sat back in your camping chair and searched in vain for somewhere safe to rest your wine glass?

Winerest is a unique, innovative and fun glass holder for camping chairs. Designed and invented in Australia, Winerest is the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys drinking wine in the great outdoors.

Winerest uses a single Velcro strap that simply attaches to the arm of your camping chair at the end of either arm. Winerest will hold any glass with a stem no more than 15mm in width and with a glass diameter no smaller than 50mm or in other words it will hold most wine glasses and champagne flutes.

Easy to use, Winerest will safely cradle your wine glass in its ‘lollipop lock’, giving you a completely hands-free, spill-free experience.

Available in a variety of Colours, it’s an essential piece of camping equipment!

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