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Wicked war continues

Australia’s Advertising Standards Bureau has declared a new round war against on the ‘bad boys’ of the RV hire business, Wicked Campers.

The Brisbane-based company has been under fire since 2008 for the controversial slogans painted on its budget vans targeted at the youth market.

Critics complain the signs range from being amusing and non-Political Correct in some cases, through to others that are downright sexist, racist and even homophobic.

The company seems to revel in the publicity and ‘bad boy’ image and it certainly doesn’t seem to have harmed business. Wicked is now a global success story with its campers available in New Zealand, Africa, Europe and North America.

The CEO of Australia’s Advertising Standards Bureau, Fiona Jolly, says she’s frustrated by the continuing complaints.

She said Wicked always agreed to remove offensive signs after mediation, but were always too slow in actually complying and so the complaints kept rolling in.

Ms Jolly now plans to lobby the Queensland Government to intervene to get the offensive vans repainted or off the road.

Wicked Campers declined to comment.

Picture: Wicked Campers – amusing to some, offensive to others

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