Carapark Caravans

ROAM’s vintage caravan pop-up museum

As early as 1971, the Sydney Caravan Camping Holiday Supershow has been putting on displays of vintage caravans so visitors can reminisce and wonder about how things were done in times past. At that show, the organisers gathered together an American ... [Read More]
11 April 2018

The rise and fall of Carapark

Australians love nicknames and they love caravans, but there is only one caravan that has a nickname all its own. Caraparks are fondly referred to as  “The Toaster” thanks to their shiny metallic box appearance.    Not at all aerodynamic ... [Read More]
6 May 2017

Classic Collector: Richard Potter

Richard Potter owns one of Australia’s most extensive collections of vintage caravans and cars. As with many Australians, the Wollongong home builder’s passion for caravans goes back to childhood and fond recollections of family vacations.... [Read More]
6 May 2017