Sunshine State push to ban Wicked

Tourist parks on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast are being urged to turn away campervans displaying obscene language.

Campers owned by the Wicked rental chain have been described as offensive and accused of destroying the region’s reputation as a family-friendly holiday destination.

The Sunshine Coast Daily newspaper has urged the local council to instruct caravan parks to refuse entry to any Wicked Camper displaying offensive messages.

“Just as any business operator can refuse service to someone behaving offensively, tell them the message on their vehicle is offensive and they’re not welcome,” the paper said in a recent editorial.

A survey of readers found more than 50 per cent believed the campers should be banned, while a further 14 per cent wanted the company shut down altogether.

The campaign won support from Sunshine Coast Mayor Mark Jamieson, who told the paper that upholding moral standards was a priority.

“I agree that it’s unnecessary – words like that shouldn’t be on vehicles or anywhere for that matter – and as the mayor of the Sunshine Coast I’m behind him,” he reportedly said.

The Advertising Standards Bureau has also expressed frustration at continuing complaints it receives about the Wicked hire van slogans, some of which are seen as sexist, racist and homophobic.

Bureau chief Fiona Jolly has urged the Queensland Government to force the Brisbane-based firm to either have offensive vans repainted or taken off the road.


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