Sudden departure of BIG4 CEO

The hunt is on for a new head for the BIG4 chain following the surprise departure of high-profile CEO Ray Schleibs.

Mr Schleibs achieved instant fame when he first took over the role nearly four years ago and spent his first few days on the job being filmed by the Channel Ten TV series “Undercover Boss”.
Mr Schleibs told Time to Roam he could not comment at all on the circumstances of his resignation. A company spokesman said the respected CEO had left to pursue other interests.
Kari Hunter, BIG4 Head of Brand Strategy has been appointed acting CEO of the country’s biggest franchise parks chain.

Vale Sally Berry

Australia’s motorhome industry has been saddened by the sudden death of Trakka company co-founder and owner Sally Berry. Sally is remembered for helping steer the innovative and successful Sydney motorhome company, while at the same time raising three children with husband Dave. In an nterview to mark the company’s 40th anniversary, Dave Berry said Sally effectively bailed out Trakka when his initial partner in the business pulled out.

“Our first project was to reinvent the pop top roof, which just about sent us to the wall and my partners enthusiasm after the first 6 months!”
“I met Sally around the same time, which was handy as I had no income and survived off her earnings. She was a microbiologist so I quickly convinced her making Kombi campers had a much better future and she joined me in partnership in 1975 when she turned 20,” Dave Berry said in the 2013 interview with

Caravan breaks $1m price barrier

America’s greatest minds from motor racing and space research organisations have combined their talents to build the world’s most expensive caravan. Global Caravan Technologies carbon fibre CR-1 is 10.6 metres long and loaded with technology, costing more than $1m fully featured. It’s said to weigh half as much as a normal caravan of its size and will go on sale in the US later this year.

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