Joyce Lindsay - edit

By Kimberley Nicoll


Joyce Lindsay is pulled over on the side of the road in her vibrant orange Horizon motorhome.



Her number plate reads that she is in fact a ‘GYPSY’.

However, she assures me that while she possesses the tendencies of a traditional gypsy, she is just a bit more modern day.

At the age of 77, Joyce has no plans of slowing down.

Instead, she is zipping all over the countryside with her pooch Amber-Rose and only coming to a stop to observe the historic towns along the way.

“I’ve always travelled on my own.  Before Gypsy, I owned four caravans but now it’s a lot more convenient to own a motorhome.”

Joyce feels this mode of transport is a much more safer option and this is reflected in the sales of Horizon Motorhomes.

Solo women travellers are the fastest growing market for this expanding manufacturer based in Ballina, NSW.

Joyce believes her coffee machine is essential on her travels but admits she doesn’t leave home without her main beauty items.

“It doesn’t look like it now but I do recommend bringing a hairdryer along,” she says laughing. “Rest assured, I always have my lipstick on too!”

Joyce Lindsay - IMA GYPSY

Having worked seven days a week in the Perth hotel industry, Joyce is definitely enjoying her own solitude.

Her independent spirit is something many Australian women can aspire to.

Hervey Bay Bedroom View

Hervey Bay Bedroom View

When I ask Joyce for advice she would give other females, she nods her head.

“Don’t push yourself,” she emphasises.  “I tend to be a bit naughty sometimes and try to continue to the next destination. Just sit back and enjoy it.”