Overwhelming destination choice leaves travellers disappointed

Article by · June 3, 2017 ·

Photo Credit: Qanats

Upon being presented with an inordinate selection of holiday destinations, travellers are more likely to be dissatisfied with their choice.

The University of Sydney Business School has released a research article by Dr Ulku Yuksel and Dr Nguyen Thai, titled Too many destinations to visit: Tourists’ dilemma?.

It found the predominant factor is the Internet and calls on travel companies to guide their customers to a more suitable decision.

“The uncertainty that results from a large choice leaves doubts about the choice made,” says Dr Thai. “This is particularly true of people with a low self-confidence.”

Researchers conducted a series of lab and online experiments which measured the preferences and satisfaction levels of around 270 Australian business students and 340 US citizens.

With the right expertise, the research finds that travel advisors can uplift consumer’s self-confidence by reminding them of their skill in other areas such as photography, food and sports.


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