Electric bikes picking up speed

Modern eBikes are becoming very popular in Europe with sales increasing ten-fold over the past six years. With the adoption of the international 250-watt motor standard, the stage is set for eBikes to finally take off in Australia.

Australian retailer Reid Cycles is fronting the charge as the exclusive distributor of Corratec – a German built eBike powered by the industry leading Bosch system.

These new bikes deliver fast charging, reliable performance and a smooth riding experience.

The Corratec/Bosch system assists you up to 25km/hour for a range of more than 90km under regular riding conditions, and a full recharge only takes three hours.

Reid Cycles has stores around Australia with a wide range of eBikes suitable for commuting, touring and mountain biking available for free test rides now.

Corratec eBikes from Reid Cycles are available from $2,999 (around $1,000 less than other brands fitted with a comparable Bosch system).

Visit reidcycles.com.au/ebikes for more info.