Caravan lost to the sea at Inskip

Recovery crews have abandoned their efforts to retrieve a caravan swallowed by the sinkhole at Inskip Point.

The MV Beagle campground made international headlines when a landslip occured at the site around 10.30pm on September 26.

A total of 300 campers were rescued from the site, however a number of vehicles and tents were lost to the sea.

A camper trailer was successfully recovered from the site in the days that followed the incident, however the chassis of the caravan was too deeply embedded in the sand for removal. A four-wheel drive also lost to the sinkhole has never been found.

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Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service recently engaged EDG Consulting to perform geotechnical studies at the site, hoping to determine the underlying causes of the instability. Consultants will reportedly be using laser, sonar, and aerial surveys.

Experts have advised that as tidal actions deposit sand back into the hole created by the landslide, the area will become more stable.

A final report is expected on November 9, after which the QPWS will make a decision on the future of the affected campgrounds.

Despite safety concerns, and barricades and warning signs at the site, the sinkhole still continues to draw a crowd.

While MV Beagle and the eastern section of Sarawak remain closed, campers are able to stay at all other campgrounds in the Inskip Peninsula Recreation Area.

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