Macksville Bridge

Caravan bridge of death about to go

By Kimberley Nicoll

It’s the bridge at Macksville that has always had caravan owners concerned.

Some grey nomads even refuse to travel across it for the fear of impeding danger.

However, caravan owners can now rejoice.

Well, soon anyway.

A new bridge is being built as part of the Roads and Maritime Services upgrade to 70% of the Pacific Highway.

Pacific Highway Construction

Pacific Highway Construction, Source: ABC

The work began in 1996 and the completion of the remaining 30 per cent is targeted for 2020.

However, those with concerns for the Macksville Bridge will not have to wait this long.

A spokesperson for Roads and Maritime Services says, “The final 57 kilometres between Port Macquarie and Coffs Harbour is being targeted for opening by the end of 2017, weather permitting.”

“A new 850 metre long bridge over the Nambucca River at Macksville is part of this project.”

The new crossing has a navigation clearance height of 11 metres and when complete, it will carry two lanes of traffic in each direction, separated by a central median barrier.

“Concrete deck is being poured with about 50% of 42 bridge sections completed.”

Hopefully the weather stays fine for the rest of this year!