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Article by · August 9, 2017 ·

Want to win a Blue Tongue Camper Trailer worth over $22,000? Tell us how you like to caravan or camp and you’ll automatically be placed in the draw!

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    Merle O'Donnell

    Retired for a couple of years but want to do more off road. Already have a 16ft caravan but limited to off road camping. Looking for something trailer type preferably with 2 single beds and internal combo shower/ toilet but interested in outdoor set up. Also outdoor pullout kitchen.

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    Recent retired solo traveler . love Camping and the outdoors with like minded women. Have An Instand-Up tent at the moment but would love to have a small easy set up camper or campervan .

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    Vic Parsons

    We are retired & Love free camping with our current c/van which is a 2007 Regent series3, double axle, full bathroom. Bought it 2011 & have been right round once & never had a problem. Limited to well graded gravel & would like to upgrade to off road to see more outback places.

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    This a very generous gift!
    To win some thing like this it would be amazing. Being part of the roam family is the way to go!!

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    Renald Briffa

    Would love to to win a camper van so my family could join my wife and me on camping trips,we could make it a family affair.

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    Lyn Burrows

    Some of my best memories as a child are of camping with my family, something I would love to continue with my own kids

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    Gai Thompson

    Camper trailer are more versatile in getting in places than caravans, easier to tow with less drag and resistance.
    Easy to setup up at the end of days travel and have improved out of sight in realiability and durability. I would love one for off road and free camping anywhere in Australia to explore.

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    Jason Wheadon

    My dream is to buy a caravan and travel this beautiful country with my wife and 2 daughters. One day if I can afford it.

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    It’s time to Roam,
    Neighbors are so noisy at my home,
    Leaving it all behind,
    Wishing for the Great unwind.

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    jayne neubauer

    go off road and camp somewhere secluded for peace and quiet and relaxation

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    Enjoy caravaning and the comforts it gives ,however, camping puts you much closer to nature where you feel more involved in your daily activities and lifts you with the excitement of whether your cooking, setting camp for the day irrespective of whether it is raining or sunshinning . Makes you appreciate what our for-fathers went through.

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    I love just chilling out with the husband and kids creating memories like my childhood ones, back to the simple things in life

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    I have a family of four we all love to camp we use tents atm having a camp trailer would be an amazing gift to make it more enjoyable and would be awesome to be apart of the roam family

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    Karen Hinds

    Haven’t had the funds set aside to undertake caravan in or RV stays. My husband said the only way it would happen is if I won one.

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    Stephen Loxton

    Love going bush but my old camper is about to give up the ghost. Want to travel around Aus but can’t afford to replace the old one.

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    There’s nothing better than taking a camper trailer bush and enjoying the peace.

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    Dennis Downs

    I love to camp in a spacious camper trailer near waterfalls relaxing and falling asleep to the sound of the falls and the rivers and lakes below

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    Peace and pleasure

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    Heidi O'Day

    I love camping feeling free by sleeping outside. We borrow most equipment and trailers and still love every minute. I have a goal to save enough for my own camper and see as much of our awesome land as I can. I’d love to be a gray nomad, my dream lifestyle in the years to come!

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    My husband and I currently own a caravan but would like to go more into the bush setting. At the moment these places are not accessible with the caravan and we are missing out on these idyllic spots. We are both slightly disabled but are determined not to let this stop our love of travel.

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    Robert Matthews

    We love caravanning and camping but owing to my wife’s medical condition we are restricted to caravan parks, we travel about 8 months of the year and enjoy every minute of it

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    Phoebe Phillips

    This would be a dream come true. We can only afford our tent for now so winning this would up the ante of our camping adventures dramatically 😍

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    Phil Devoy

    This would be a wonderful opportunity to ” fill in the gaps” of places we are yet to see in this great country of ours after four years of caravaning

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    Michal Stead

    We are getting near retirement.
    We used to have a tent and camp when our kids were younger but now they have the tents and swags.
    We want to have a camper to go with them.

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    cecil bower

    Been camping all my life, retired now and still go camping as much as I can,
    would like to get a camper now give the tent to the kids so we could all go camping with the grandchildren

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    sez im already subscribed!
    so! i only wanna enter the campertrailer comp!!!!!
    wont let me!!!

    • mm

      Brendan Batty

      Hi Joy, fear not, you are entered. Brendan.

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    Would love to win this camper trailer for my family to make some special memories with!

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    As my kids are growing, they want to join me and husband for camping and also can’t leave their grandmum alone at home. So it would be so great for the whole family to enjoy their company.

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    Would be great to have an easy tow camper to get away on the weekends. Kick back in the deck chairs at night and share the stars in the dark sky with my wife & a coldie.

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