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Travelling America in a tiny house on wheels

Many of us have a dream of selling up and driving into the sunset for an endless road trip, but its rare we actually get the opportunity. For US couple Jenna and Guillaume, that dream has well and truly become a reality. 

The couple of two-and-a-half-years quit their jobs, built their own mobile home, and can now be found criss-crossing the USA pursing their nomadic dream. So far so ordinary.

Where this couple differs from other nomads travelling the highways and byways of North America is the humble adobe they’re pulling behind them.

Jenna and Guillaume have a tiny house on wheels.

THGJ driving across Texas

“It’s pretty amazing to see people’s reactions,” Guillaume told us.

“The tiny house and the lifestyle it offers seem to make people smile, make them dream, challenge their expectations of life.”

“On the road, the experience that’s been the most life changing is probably seeing how our project resonates with people, no matter their age, sex, income, ethnicity, political or religious beliefs.”

It took the couple 12 months to build the house, an idea Guillaume discovered through the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company.

Tiny House Giant Journey Construction - 0005

The customised tiny house features a generous sized kitchenette and loft bedroom, hardwood floors, a staircase made from vintage crates, and even a small bathroom.

“It’s a combination of both of us,” said Guillaume.THGJ Interior - 0004

“Our favourite feature is probably the interior side of our round window. The wall panelling is shaped like a sunburst coming out of the round window, which was something Jenna wanted. The actual window trim is made out of a log of Alligator Juniper wood, one-piece window jamb and trim, which is what I wanted.”

THGJ Loft - 0002

For those wondering how the couple manage to pull a cottage behind them, Guillaume explained: “We take it easy on the road. We drive 50-55mph and get 9-10mpg. There hasn’t been a hill we couldn’t climb (yet), though there have been a few where we went pretty slow. We’ve even gone up some pretty steep gravel ones!”

The couple have been travelling around the US for around six months, funding their journey through writing and photography.

You can follow their journey on their blog, which features travel tips and stories about life on the road in a tiny house on wheels.