NSW Rego Costs to Be Slashed by up to $471

Article by · June 9, 2018 ·

New South Wales caravan owners have been burdened for a long time with the second highest caravan registration costs in the country, although this is all about to change. From a caravan dealership in Lismore, Melinda Pavey, NSW Minister for Roads, announced that there will be a 40 per cent reduction in the motor vehicle tax on privately owned caravans from November 1 this year.

In a post on social media, Ms Pavey said, “I’m thrilled with this announcement today which will see the motor vehicle tax for private caravan owners reduced by 40 per cent from November 1 this year.
Our region’s grey nomads, families and adventurers will benefit from this reduction and allow people to spend their money on the things they love – including camping and caravanning around NSW.
The change will apply to towed caravans and purpose-built camper trailers weighing up to 4.5 tonnes, putting a saving of up to $471 back into the pockets of hard working families.

Under the plan, caravan owners will still have to pay the caravan registration cost, which is $65, but it’s the motor vehicle tax which has been cut on caravans or trailers weighing up to 4.5 tonnes, so even the 4 tonne, triple axle caravan the Kedron just built will be cheaper to register in NSW. Currently a 4.5 tonne trailer costs $1177 + $65 to register, while a 3500kg caravan costs $898 + the $65 registration fee. Under the new scheme the three-and-a-half tonne trailer would cost $603.80. Still not quite as good as Victoria, which charges just $54, but a saving’s a saving. Below are the current and proposed Motor Vehicle Tax changes.

Add $65 for the actual rego cost.

Do you think this is a big enough cut in NSW caravan rego costs? Let us know below. 


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    Ingrid Pallister

    It is better but should be in line with Victoria who are much cheaper.

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    Lyn Davey

    Seems discriminatory to motorhome owners who get no discount. Considering Moho’s aren’t used every day of the year consideration should be given to include call RVs. I don’t understand the methodology behind this but am delighted for car a van owners nevertheless

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    Caravans don’t have a motor emitting fumes and caravan owners pay full rego on tow vehicle so they pay twice so Motorhomes should pay once

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    At the end of the day it is a good move by the NSW government. Having said that it is still expensive for a recreational trailer. My large caravan was registered in Queensland at $220.00 I transferred it to NSW at a cost of $728.
    Come November it will only cost $462. A great saving but still more than double the cost of Queensland. I think the cost in Victoria is ridiculously cheap and I believe the Queensland charge is very reasonable and should be considered by all the States in Australia.

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    Glynis Whitfield

    I am waiting for ACT to follow suit. Currently more expensive than NSW. I would love to see the regos come down. Having said that, i now have a daughter living in Victoria and a son living in NSW, so I may have to move.

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    Tony Irving

    Can I assume that 5th wheels are included. Also is the 4500kg weight up to or including as my 5th wheel weighs 4500kg? Finally has anyone asked what was the basis of the reduction. If it was to stop people registering in another state then with the cost differential between NSW and Victoria and even Queensland it will fail. If it was for another reason please enlighten us.

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    geoff parsons

    I think that nsw is still high but we must remember that pensioners get free rego and we travel all day on public transport for $2.50. Swings and roundabouts

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    David Currington

    I just think NSW should be called the “Revenue” State as we are the most ripped off people in Australia, it is bizarre how much more we pay for pretty much everything compared to other states, hence I am moving to QLD to have a better life in a few months.
    You see on number plate frames, Sunny Queensland or Sensational South Australia or the like, just imagine it…The Revenue State, NSW.

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    I am very pleased for everyone that has received reductions and I agree all states should be the same. I am a Motorhome owner even though my vehicle is under 4.5 tonnes I don’t get the reduction but I also have to pay tolls as a truck my vehicle is over 2.8 metres by .2 and only 8 metres long. Semi’s and Double B’s pay the same as me and weigh anything up to 60 tonnes and 20 metres in length. Now this is not fair, we would do nowhere near the damage all those trucks do to the roads. So I no longer use toll roads if only had to pay car rates I would still use the toll roads.

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    Rene Herbert

    How can any motor vehicle tax be levied on caravans which cannot possibly be considered to be motor vehicles. They do not have motors!

  • comment-avatar

    Colin Cooper

    Definitely a step in the right direction, the cost should be more in line with Victoria, it is stupid to charge weight tax on caravans when most of the time the are out of state

  • comment-avatar

    Brad Renshaw

    The Victorian tax rate on caravans is fair when it is considered that most caravans are generally taken out onto the road for a holiday which may represent as little as a few weeks per year. My wife and I have been fortunate to spend up to 4 months caravaning but that is not every year and generally that time is spent outside NSW. So the largest proportion of the tax is incurred to have my van stationery on my driveway, how is that fair?

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    Rodney Hutchison

    I think the issue here is not so much the differences in registration costs from State to State but WHY we have different registration costs from State to State?

    Why, in a country where there is just under 25 million people, do we have eight – yes EIGHT – separate registration systems, charges, insurance regimes and weight taxes.

    This is a completely indefensible arrangement. The roads are the same, Australians travel interstate without charge or hindrance, road rules are the same, etc etc. Even the driver licensing system is different. The costs, the testing and everything else is different from one State to the next. Apparently a blind belief by each State that ‘They are doing the right thing’ somehow means that other States aren’t; this is patently nonsensical.

    If motoring Australians are of any importance at all to our collective State Governments, then this is an issue that needs to be addressed as a matter of utmost urgency. The cost of registration of caravans is only the tip of the iceberg. Having eight separate bureaucracies administering eight different sets of legislation, regulations and rules represents a cost that is as staggering as it is easily avoidable.

    Being over-Governed is an Australian pastime – but given the cost, I think we need to start asking our State politicians why we need to be saddled with this level of over government (and its eye-wateringly expensive cost). To be honest, I’d rather have a few extra hospitals and schools.

    Rodney Hutchison

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    Errol Davis

    I agree whole heartily with Rodney Hutchinson the above comments N.S.W. has been raking in the money forever where are the REST FACITILIES for R.V’S
    and transport driver’s the R.M.S.is only just starting to catch up on ROADS but still can’t get that right Look at the M2 tunnel only 2lanes
    Bring back Dr. Bradfield remember he built the 8 lane Harbour Bridge how long ago.

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    Lola Henry

    If your rego is due on the 26th of October, how does that work?? Is the rego worked at the old rate until the 1st of November….then the remainder of the year calculated at the new rate??
    This is how it should be calculated as it is paid in advance for the year ahead.
    Could somebody please advise me on this?

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