New home for UK’s oldest caravan

One of the world’s oldest caravans, built by the Bristol Wagon Works in 1885, has found a permanent retirement home.

128 years ago, Dr William Stables commissioned the 30 foot long ‘Wanderer’, Britain’s first touring caravan. It weighs two tonnes and boasts a bookcase, china cabinet and musical instruments in its Edwardian interior.

The caravan remained on the road until 1960 and even paid a visit to the Queen at Buckingham palace in 2007. It’s now going on permanent display at the UK Caravan Club’s site in the Cotswolds.

Although capable of being towed by a car, the caravan was initially pulled by Dr Stables’ two horses – Captain Corn-flower and Polly Pea-blossom.

Gwilym Owen of the Cotswold Motor Museum said “It’s had a little bit of modernisation over the years, such as new wheels and axle from a 1930s Austin and a more modern hitch but everything else is basically the same as it was when constructed.”

Picture and story courtesy caravantimes.co.uk, photos copyright the Caravan Club, UK.