Kedron Caravans Unveils Amazing Tri-axle Caravan – Video

Article by · June 4, 2018 ·

High profile off-road caravan builder Kedron Caravans has shown off its latest and possibly wildest project to date. A triple axle version of it’s top-of-the-line Top Ender, the 26-footer is fitted with nearly every conceivable luxury in what seems like a no-expense-spared exercise. The caravan is said to feature heated, genuine leather seating, auto-levelling air-bag suspension, four fridges and freezers, a dishwasher, an auto-tracking satelite for the telly, a Next G repeater and booster for mobile phone reception and over 1000 watts of solar and 900amp hours of lithium batteries and a home-theatre system.

With an expected weight of well over 3.5 tonnes, Kedron has said this van, which was a custom build for a customer, will be towed by a large American pick-up. The van will be on display at the Queensland Caravan and Camping Show which starts on Wednesday June 6. In the meantime, here’s the live Facebook video Kedron uploaded giving a very detailed rundown of the caravan.

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    Lynette Cooke

    Yes please i would love one

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      Really? this is nothing more than “mine is bigger” than yours

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    Leigh Holman

    Beautiful van. But then we wouldn’t expect anything else from Kedron . Absolute geniuses. There is no other caravan company to compare with kedron You’s are on your own

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    Over Kill…………………………………………..
    Next time get a professional to do the the walk around as i found this guy very boring and didnt seem to know what he was talking about

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    200K ????????????????????? thats a freeking house deposit

    • mm

      Brendan Batty

      It used to be a whole house, not just the deposit!

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