Enviro Heros

My Top 5: Tim Silverwood

Take 3 for the sea By Justine McClymont From surfing at local beaches to international sailing adventures, environmentalist Tim Silverwood is never far from the water.  In 2011 Tim Silverwood stepped onto a sailing boat to travel from ... [Read More]
21 June 2017

My Top 5 with Tony Parkes

Tony Parkes made his mark in business as a caravan park entrepreneur in the 1970s.  Since then he’s been fighting to save what’s left of Australia’s biggest subtropical rainforest. In 1989, before the term “tree-change” had even been ... [Read More]
3 June 2017

Fighting a tidal wave of plastic

Spectacular tourist photos don’t yet show it, but our waterways are increasingly being spoiled by plastic pollution. JULIA REISSER is leading research and helping raise awareness of the problem. BY PARIS BOSCH When the ... [Read More]
25 May 2017

Safely sharing the coast with birds

KATH SOUTHWELL heads a team of 30 volunteers who help rescue birds and other wildlife along a 250km stretch of NSW’s North Coast. By CHRIS ASHTON Summer is the time Australians flock to the coast in droves, yet it’s also the crucial ... [Read More]
25 May 2017

Cleaning the ocean one marina at a time

Pete Ceglinski, an Australian surfer looking to clean the world’s oceans one marina at a time By CHRIS ASHTON Pollution in our oceans is a man-made disaster that can often feel too big to solve. Refusing single-use plastics is one way to ... [Read More]
25 May 2017

Unlocking the secrets of the Platypus

Dr Tom Grant has spent 40 years trying to unravel the secrets of the platypus, and is now working to stop it becoming endangered.  By CHRIS ASHTON When early European explorers returned from the wilds of Australia with stories of the platyp... [Read More]
25 May 2017

My Top Five – Col McKenzie

Col McKenzie is on a mission to protect the Great Barrier Reef and create a future for disadvantaged youth. By CHRIS ASHTON The World Heritage Listed Great Barrier Reef injects almost $6 billion into the Australian economy each year, support... [Read More]
25 May 2017

A hero for the half-shells

KELLY HOWLETT is working to save the planet one turtle at a time. By Paris Bosch.  For Kelly Howlett, coming of age in a time of environmental turbulence marked by the Australian sale of state forests and the Exxon Valdez oil spill sparked a ... [Read More]
25 May 2017

Just One Tree at a Time

Derek Goodwin has been quietly waging one-man campaign to clean up waterways. PARIS BOSCH finds out how Derek's mission started and what plans he has for the future. Lismore is a city full of people who care about the environment, with ... [Read More]
25 May 2017

Jodie Dunn – the Hoodie Lifesaver

Chances are your favourite holiday beach may also be home to an endangered species. Jodie Dunn is fighting to save threatened shorebirds, especially the critically endangered hooded plover. By PARIS BOSCH For most children, the great ... [Read More]
25 May 2017