What’s your favourite caravan movie? Here’s our top picks!

Caravan and motorhome movies through the years What to watch (or maybe not) when you’re tucked up for the night in your RV By Oliver Pfeiffer   1953 The Long, Long Trailer The Long Long Trailer Lucille Ball stars in the classic comedy caper where a honeymooning couple embark on an adventure crossing America towing a 36-foot long caravan. Unforgettable scenes as the whacky redhead attempts to cook dinner on a cliffhanging ride through mountains. 1977 The Hills Have Eyes The Hills Have Eyes A family lost in the wilderness seeks refuge in their motorhome from none too friendly strangers, proving a “safe” RV can be terrifying in a confined cinema. So scary, a sequel was shot in 2007. 1987 Spaceballs Spaceballs John Candy and Bill Pullman pilot a supped-up, intergalactic Winnebago Star Wars parody from Mel Brooks. 1997 The Lost World: Jurassic Park The Lost World- Jurassic Park' Another literal cliffhanger in a motorhome from Steven Spielberg 2002 About Schmidt About Schmidt Jack Nicholson learns a few life lessons as he makes his way to his daughter’s wedding in a Winnebago. 2004 Meet The Fockers Meet the Fockers A state-of-the-art Fleetwood Pace Arrow, complete with built-in command centre, is used for interrogation purposes. Robert De Niro stars as an uptight CIA operative in what will not be remembered as one of his greatest. 2006 Runaway Vacation Runaway Vacation Robin Williams gets into all sorts of family calamity, battling the vehicle’s many mod-cons, including multiple slide-outs. 2012 Sightseers Sightseers Proving the UK can make scary caravan movies too, an idyllic trip to the Lake District turns nasty. 2013 We’re the Millers We're the Millers Jennifer Aniston and Jason Sudeikis use a motorhome to smuggle drugs from Mexico, disguising themselves as a vacationing family, complete with fake kids.