By Chris Ashton


Taking a leaf out of the history books of the caravan builders of the 1950s, father and son duo Eamon and Sam Baruday discovered how a backyard project can actually bring the family closer together.

19042009098Eamon, a talented carpenter from Lilydale in Victoria, says his teenage son was unsure what he wanted to do in life and he hoped a joint project would inspire him.

So back in 2008 they started building a replica teardrop caravan.

“I had seen a teardrop-style caravan at the Melbourne Hot Rod Show and loved the concept,” Eamon says. “I’d never built a van, but I was ready for the challenge.”

“I used the van I saw at the show as inspiration for the shape, then drew my own set of plans. The original was designed around a standard ply building sheet, it was just a bed with a lift up boot, whereas mine is a walk in – you can stand in the kitchen.”


“I try to get out in it two or three times a year. It’s been all across Victoria and southern NSW – it doesn’t just sit around collecting dust, it’s well utilised.”


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