New HiAce Frontline Camper Unveiled

Article by · 4 February 2020 ·

The first full-scale Australian campervan conversion of the new Toyota HiAce will be unveiled at the Newcastle Caravan Camping Lifestyle Expo. Frontline Campers has had the 6th Generation conversion in development for over six months. The previous HiAce model was in production for fifteen years so this model is well overdue. In fact, back in 2013, fourteen engineers from Toyota Japan, including Chief Engineer Kenichirou Fuse, visited the Frontline factory to gather insights and information to assist in building a better model HiAce. The result is a Hiace which has been totally redesigned, boasting vast improvements in safety, better cabin comfort and driving experience. According to Frontline, it’s proved to be an amazing base vehicle for a campervan

The most obvious change for the new HiAce is the new bonnet, thanks to the engine being moved from under the seats to forward of the cab. It creates easier access for servicing and increased front end collision protection. The vehicle now obtains a 5 Star ANCAP rating and has seven air bags. It also allows for better bucket seats and a walk through cabin, which is an important feature for a modern campervan. Frontline Camper says, “The handling and smoothness of the ride are massive improvements, offering an effortless and more car-like driving experience. This drivability and good old Toyota reliability will be great attributes in the decision-making process for potential buyers.”

Cabin entry is improved with a generous step eliminating the old clamber into the cabin seats on the previous model. Another noticeable change is a generous increase in width. Although there’s less length, the clever interior design of the Frontline extracts the benefits of this increased width to more than make up for that loss in length.   

The first campervan out of the Frontline factory was based on the 2.8-litre turbo diesel, auto. The new engine is a welcome improvement over the old 3-litre model, increasing power from 100kW to 130kW and 450Nm of torque. Notably the automatic has gained two cogs, (four to six). There is also a 3.5-litre V6 petrol available. The HiAce is still a rear-wheel-drive vehcle with leaf spring rear and McPherson struts up front. Stopping is now by ventilated discs all round. 

Frontline spent a considerable amount of time developing the pop-up roof, which the company says offers great ventilation and standing room. A kitchen area with a fridge freezer, sink, two-burner gas cook top and storage drawers is provided to whip up those essential meals on the go. Moving down the vehicle are various storage compartment for food and clothes. A large boot is accessed by the tail gate and then inconspicuous while shut. 

A battery system is charged by the engine or 240V when plugged into power. The standard battery system will run everything for two days without charge. Additional solar charging can be added for out of the way stays for more than two days. The battery runs the fridge, lights, water pump and fan. There are 12V sockets to charge devises or other 12V, low amp accessories. Curtains are provided for privacy and a table near the seating area. The seating area folds to a generous 1.9m x 1.44m bed. The water tank stores 50 litres of water for the kitchen sink and rear, external shower. Hot water is optional, but most people go with the ambient temperature unless they are camping in the colder zones, says Frontline. An opening window with flyscreen is a great feature for fresh air. At 2.065m high it should even fit in your garage or local car park making it very versatile. 

toyota hiace conversion 2020

Find out more about the new Frontline HiAce by getting in touch here, or visit the Newcastle Caravan Camping Lifestyle Expo between February 7-9, 2020 at the Newcastle Entertainment Centre & Showground.


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    Cate Mc

    What is the cost of this new Toyota camper please.

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      Mary wilkinson

      What is the price of this van.

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      S tizard

      I just ordered one. With necessary bits and pieces $95.
      By the way, it is not 2.065 high. With the pop top and solar it is 2.080

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    Neva Fellows

    What is the availability of this vehicle?

    Please advise the cost of this vehicle. I live in North Queensland and would expect the delivery would not cost me any extra.

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    Lynette Broad

    Hi can you please advise, the cost and approximate delivery date for the 4×4 option.

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      A 4×4 option would be a seller. I’d buy one tomorrow.

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    An answer to the above questions would be helpful.

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      Eddy Sánchez

      I would like to know cost for the Hiace

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    Are they available in the USA?

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    Honorio Hugo

    We would like to order one unit for delivery about October 2021. Please quote price & delivery. Thanks.

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    Steven Farrell

    Price 2019 hiace please

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    John Mackay

    Is this available in New Zealand and would appreciate a purchase price.

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    David Gebran

    do you make SLWB in the new gen 6 with shower & toilet.

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    Carmel Gavin

    Very interested in buying a campervan
    Can you please let me know how much
    And how long will I need to wait please
    Regards carmel

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    How much new Toyota hi ace campervan

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    How much will it tow? And what is the maximum ball down load?

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    Hi would like to know the cost of the one pictured. I live in Perth.

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    I have a 2021 toyota hiace LWB turbo diesel van
    I want to get a full fitout
    do you have any prices on what you have on line?
    I want a small toilet/shower inside if at all possible
    I would be most grateful of your reply and if you are able to do this job and availability options. Thank you

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    Aussie van converters need to spend some time reading UK motorhome magazines for some inspiration to get away from their continuous bland conversions…

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